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Monitor stands and risers

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Monitor stands – organise your workspace 

Monitor risers aren't a pain in the neck!

Crouching over a laptop screen or a low monitor can quickly give you back and neck strain. Monitor risers increase the height of your screen beyond its own adjustable levels. This means that you can use your computer in a relaxed and comfortable position. Good posture puts less strain on your back and neck. 

How to create an ergonomic environment

Setting your chair, desk and monitor and the right height is particularly important if you spend more than an hour at a time using your computer. Your monitor should be securely mounted on a screen stand so that it doesn't wobble, and should be at eye level. Ideally, you shouldn't have to lean forward or look down to read your screen. 

Use a monitor stand to clear desk clutter

Even a flatscreen monitor tends to dominate a desk and collect a sea of clutter around its feet. Raising your monitor to the correct ergonomic height gives you a better view of the remaining objects. And if you need more storage, some monitor stands have integrated drawers for filing office supplies or perhaps your spare tea bags. 

Easily mount multiple monitors

As office jobs get more complex and are driven by big data and the latest news, it's increasingly common for workers, particularly in the IT and banking industries, to have more than one monitor. Mounting multiple monitors on walls or raising them on screen stands allows you to organise them and fix their position, ensuring that your set up remains just the way you like it. Lavolta double, triple and quad monitor mounts are here to help with your multitasking.