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Tablet stands

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Tablet stands – make your life easier 

Free your hands with a tablet stand

Tablets have so many uses. They're great for watching videos, checking email, listening to music, podcasts and the radio. When you're using your tablet to watch TV or listening to music on your iPad, a holder or stand keeps it upright, easy to reach and secure. Enjoy your tablet without having to hold it the whole time. 

Keep your tablet safe

Propped up against something, tablets tend to slip or get knocked over. As a small chip or scratch canruin the screen, it's better to play it safe. A solid iPad stand can even withstand the odd knock frompets or other people. Some tablet PC holders even come as a combined stand and tough case for extra protection. 

Make typing and gaming easier

You just want to type in a URL or send a quick email, but you can't get comfortable. Tablet stands setyour tablet at a comfortable angle, so whatever you're doing is easier. You don't need to handle the device as much, either so an iPad stand is ideal for when your toddler wants to watch a video or your teen wants to play a game. 

Free standing iPad stands for music, recipes and more

While most tablet and iPad holders are for table top use, you'll also find ones that are free standing. Similar to a music stand or camera tripod, they raise the tablet up from floor level to eye height. They're ideal if you're reading sheet music on your tablet, using it as a video camera or taking advantages of dozens of other less known features.