Press Coverage Roundup for Lavolta iMac Bag

Lavolta Case for Apple iMac was a risky bet, as it always is with products where there is no confirmed demand, but it paid off. The product is getting lots of positive reviews on Amazon and some great press coverage.


The Next Web published a piece describing the moment when idea struck:

According to Malevich, the idea behind it came after he had to take his computer to an important business meeting, and couldn’t find a suitable carry case. So, obviously he created his own

Apple World Today gave it 5 stars out of five:

There are other carrying cases for the iMac, including the $160 Pelican 1600 (14 pounds) and $199 Gator G—CPR-IM27 (nine pounds), but I prefer the Lavolta because it combines reasonable durability in a light design that’s easy to move


Yanko Design praised its versatility:

it can even be used as a cover case for the iMac, preventing it from gathering dust when not in use

Gadged Flow focused on portability:

The bag has a large pocket for an Apple Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse or similar and a small pocket for cables, keys, your wallet or other essentials

You can get on Amazon for $68.99 or Etsy for $77.57.

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