Kenley Beer Pong Pool Float Design Milestones

Beer Pong Pool Float is one of those products that can be easy and quick to launch on Amazon. All you have to do, as long as the financials are working out, is to find a supplier and make an order, choosing from one of the ready-made designs and possibly slapping a logo on top. And this is what lots of people on Amazon do already:


We decided to go one step further. We contacted our factory, and this was the best sample of a beer pong float that we were offered:


This was of course way too generic. Our first step was to colour glass holders and add a theme to our float. Since we are dealing with water a shark was an easy choice:


Still a bit bland. Our second step was to add some colour to it:


This is not bad, but not quite there yet. There is no balance, one side has a shark, the other side has nothing. So we added another shark, a hammerhead, and experimented with colour a bit more:


Much better.

This was several months ago. Today, the product is already selling on Amazon, with 4.5 average rating and great reviews.

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