Playstation VR Stand Concept

VR industry is booming. In less than two years after release, Playstation already sold more than two million VR headsets. We are always on the lookout for new tech trends, and actually have a VR kit in our London office.

One of the things that we quickly noticed is how much space is needed to store all the VR-related stuff. The headset is big and weirdly shaped and there are wires coming out of it. Apart from that, you have two VR controllers as well.

We looked on Amazon and were not impressed. There are lots of Playstation VR stands on offer, but none of these are going to win design awards any time soon:

Our lead designer Nastassia set to work on our own design. There were several objectives to achieve. The stand had to:

  • have in-built charging connectors;
  • look cool both with Playstation kit on it and without;
  • match Playstation style;
  • be stable;

Last point was important as many Amazon reviewers of current bestsellers complained about stands toppling over. And this is not something you want to happen to your $400 headset.

After many sketches like these:

and days of 3D modelling we finally had a render we liked:

The stand looks stable, it matches Playstation style, everything that needs to be charged can be charged and, we think, it looks allright.

We really hope to see this product on Amazon soon.

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